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Ibu Nata
Pak Badutnya sudah sampe. Thanks pak badutnya bagus.

Ester Herjanto
Hi steph, Pokernya sdh terima ya. Thank you very much

Kasih testimoni dulu: Chinatown Playing Cards bagus banget..Recomended seller.

MIlda Ariani
Bro stud nya udh sampe ya bro,thx

terimakasih pak..barangnya sudah datang..tunggu pesanan saya berikutnya terutama untuk alat2 sulap..sukses untuk usaha kita..aamin..!!

Sdh smpai ko shadow masterny trmksh

Mohammad Soni
Brang udah sampai bos thanks

When I first saw this title Sempu Small Paradise Island in South Malang | UNIQUE on google I just whent and bomaokrk it. Thanks , I've just been looking for info approximately this subject for ages an... detail

Ko.udh aku trima topengnya..kekurangan onkirnya jg udh ak transfer lg ke BCA..makasih..

Sampai dgn selamat. thank you gan

doddy dj
kami dari SAINT TALENT COMMUNITY mengucapkan smoga sukses selalu

udah sampe hihi. thanks ya

Ko makasi ya, barangnya sampai tadi..Thanks.

Kent Nugget
Gan brangku uda smpe yaa thank you gann nnt klo mau cr deck sm agan aja. Mantapp gann, 2 hr aja ud smpe

Thank You bos paket uda sampe y

Krisnapati Bayu
Barang udah nyampe. Makasih ya

Barang pesanan sudah sampai, pelayanan sangat memuaskan. Cuma order via YM & secara eceran aja udah dpt harga FANTASTIS, apalagi kalo grosir... pasti bisa lebih MANTAB!!!

Yonky Widjaya
Magic Ufo nya telah kami terima

Lutvi Nero
Harga, Item, n Pelayanan ny MEMUASKAN!!! :D Sukses Terus y bt Fun Mgic Malang ;)

Barangnya sudah saya trima kak

ayo di update terus webnya!!!!!!!!!! UP for funmagicmalang.com hehe

Fajri Romadon
Saya sangat senang dengan pelayanan di funmagicmalang.com yang dengan setia dan dengan senang hati menjawab pertanyaan dari saya. Dan saya sangat senang dengan pelayanan packing yang cepat dan aku... detail

pelayanannya sangat luar biasa,meskipun waktu itu saya hanya beli flash paper saja,coz sudah beli di gallery sulap.di matos, saya kagak tahu kalau di deket timezone ada fun magic malang,

aku tau website ini dari temen sekolahku yang keponakannya yang punya toko ini... pertama tama aku ga percaya kalo website ini asik banget.. eh.. begitu aku buka,, ketagihan belanja.. haha.. kadang" a... detail

cutie bunie
tokonya bener" asik... barang" yang di jual unik" looo... kaya yang di website http://www.tokounikku.com/

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product arrow Tenyo T-238 Floating Card


Make a selected card mysteriously float upward, right in front of your spectators' eyes! The new concept incorporated in this levitation leaves audiences wondering how a gimmick could possibly be involved. It completely surprised the staff of Tenyo. This is the latest release by Angelo Carbone, the ingenious magic creator from England. Tenyo is pleased to introduce this baffling new creation to magicians around the world. This package contains everything you need, including a deck of Bicycle playing cards. Experience the fascinating sensation of the floating card for yourself! This one looks like a real miracle, and is so well made, you won’t believe your eyes.


Floating Card has exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of presentation and strong visual impact. Unlike other versions, you do not have to tilt the game to run the gimmick and you can keep it horizontal during the entire presentation which, incidentally, is very easy. So you're clean from beginning to end, and you can show the deck of cards from all sides without any risk. In addition the ability to remove the card which is just below the levitating playing card is the highlight strong point of this effect because most of the time it is impossible with conventional versions. Do not underestimate this effect: it is very good. It was developed by Angelo Carbone, and that alone should be enough to convince you to add to your repertoire.

Tips from Xl18 on Magic Café Forum:
Magician puts the deck in the spectator's hand and then holds the spectator's hand from below "to keep it steady". He then makes the card float while the spectator is holding the deck.
What I like about doing it this way is that it appears the the magician is not touching the deck at all when the card starts floating. Also since the spectators hand is being held in front of them it is very difficult for them to bend down and peek under the floating card which was to me always the biggest problem with the trick.

About creator:

Angelo Carbone is a creative guy who invents magic whether big scale illusions or small close up effects. His widely copied "Out of Order" card trick has been a world wide success. Also, "Notion of Motion" - his any called for card rise is receiving much praise from the magic world.
Angelo is also well known for its amazing collection of Tenyo tricks and this is probably why he wanted to invent effects which might interest them. He then sent a videotape on which he had filmed his creations and the team was so impressed that Tenyo delegation took advantage of a magical trip to a convention in Europe to travel to London and meet him in person. Angelo Carbone then presented to the Tenyo team its prototypes and five of his creations were chosen. Mini-Morphosis was one of them and through this he was the first Englishman to have a trick produced by the Tenyo Company. Subsequently Angelo Carbone has even created a website dedicated to the Japanese firm. In 2009 his effect "Floating card" was his third creation edited by Tenyo after the sublime Prison Box and the ingenious Mini-Morphosis.

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